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Welcome to Russian Translation & Interpretation Services, New Delhi, India.

What we do ?

Freelance Russian Translator & Interpreter (Whispering Interpreter).
Being in the Russian translation and interpretation industry for over ten years now, I have developed the necessary expertise, foresight and skills to cater to all your Russian Language Interpretation & Translation needs. When you hire me, you can be assured of professional services, competitive rates and quick turnaround. I am trained, experienced and well equipped to handle a whole range of technical subjects as well.
Here is a brief look at some of my core Russian Language Translation & Interpretation Services.

Language Services : Facilitating & Coordinating Across Different Industries

  • Translations from Russian to English, Russian to Hindi and vice versa.
  • Translations from Hindi & English into Russian and vice-versa across technical, legal and advertising topics.
  • Assisting Business negotiations using consecutive and whisper interpreting.
  • Revision of text drawn-up by third parties.
  • Preparing Translation summaries.
  • Organising and providing Guided Tours for Russian Speaking Clients in India.
  • Russian Language Assistance during exhibitions and shows.
  • Facilitating & coordinating during formalisation of Joint Ventures between Indian and Russian, Ukrainian Construction Companies for pursuing Hydro Power and EPC Oil & Gas Projects in India and abroad.

Also Included

  • Facilitation (Business Development) in Export & Import of Goods to Russian Federation and CIS countries.
  • Russian Language assistance in Equipment Commissioning and Equipment setup on construction sites.

Interpreting Services

I offer timely, correct and good quality interpreting services which help you to communicate effectively and easily with your Russian guests / clients.

My interpretation services range from

  • Interpreting English & Hindi conversations into Russian.
  • Interpreting Russian conversations into English & Hindi

Means used for Interpretation : Simultaneous or whisper interpreting as well as consecutive and ad hoc interpreting for businesses Houses, agencies and individuals.

Interpretation Services on-the-go : Language support for Indian Businessmen on trips to Russian Federation & CIS countries.

Telephone Interpreting : I have substantial experience in Telephone Interpreting too. I also provide 3 way telephone conference interpreting for companies and individuals.

Translation Services

I offer good quality and quick English to Russian translation services on regular as well as technical topics across Oil and Gas projects, Hydro Power Projects and many others. Being in the Russian Language Translation Industry since 2000, I bring a professional approach to every project I take up.


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